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The capital of Portugal fascinates its visitors with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, remarkable architecture, adventurous nature and pleasant climate. The capital itself, which stretches over seven hills along the banks of the River Tagus, offers an endless array of historical attractions, fantastic shopping opportunities, and a pulsating nightlife.

A truly unique blend of old and new.

Your next destination so close you can feel it!

Discover Portugal


Portugal's second largest city in the north, also called "Cidade Invicta" - the unbeaten city.

Located right along the river Douro and best known for its port wine, which is exported all over the world, but also for its cultural heritage, which combines ancient churches and monuments with modern style distinctive buildings. There is much to experience and discover in and around Porto / Douro, and a longer stay would be advisable. 


The sun, sea, nature, seafood and the endless sandy beaches characterize this most southern region of Europe as a year-round warm and inviting holiday destination. It offers both relaxing holidays in family-friendly facilities, small charming towns, a lively coastal atmosphere, and of course everywhere Algarve's famous golden beaches.


The Portuguese volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic Sea off the northwest coast of Africa. 

Thriving and green Madeira inspires more and more visitors with its unique and natural therapeutic properties of the subtropical climate and volcanic grounds.


​The home of whales and dolphins. 

In the midst of the Atlantic, Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored both from land and sea: The archipelago of the Azores. 
Nine small islands, nine small worlds that all have similarities, and at the same time are different - But where the kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants is a hallmark of them all.

Portugal im Überblick: Pacotes de viagem
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